Projemiz Estonia ve Portekiz ortakları, Estonya ve Portekiz Ulusal Ajanslarından ULUSAL KALİTE ETİKETİ ile ödüllendirilmişlerdir.


September 2019-May 2020

About The Project :

Addictions have an impressive role in conducting our lives.With great technological developments and the easy and fast availabilaty of the devices,particularly to Smartphones,became big obstacles for our students.Meanwhile our students are the native users of these technological devices and they have great interest in using them.We can’t keep them away using their smartphones,tablet sor computers, but at least we can try make them use these devices in a safe way and much more effectively.With Self-Smart Education Project we aim to raise awareness on smartphone addiction while leading safe use of internet,lead them to discover themselves,turn their intense interest of using mobile devices to learning and using Web 2.0 tools more effectively in education.In addition all these we aim to guide them to have new hobbies instead of using the smartphones long hours spending time in online video games,social media.chatting groups and so on.

Aim :

-Raising awareness on smarthone addiction

-being aware of Safe Internet Use

-developing digital competences

-integrating ICT into Daily activities at school

-promoting to learn Computer sciences and Codding education

-helping students understand the European dimension of eTwinning

-learning great social and cultural values in a multicultural environment

Working Process :

The Project duration will start in October 2019 and will end in May 2020.

October :

Preparing the Schedule of the activities.Introduce the Project.Introductions of the partners/schools/countries/cities.Adding the students on Twinspace

November :

Project posters and selecting Project logo

Implementing the Smartphone Addiction Scale (short version)(Kwon,2015) to all partner twinspace teams.and announcing the results.

-Discuss the results and possible precautions about Smartphone addiction.

December :

Slogans,posters,writings,short paragraps,thoughts to raise awareness on smartphone addiction

Sharing different and interesting types of hobbies,original local games,outdoor activities…instead of spending long hours with Smartphones.

January :

Discover the level of awareness about Web 2.0 tools,( questionarie,surveys,quizzes.. )

Implement the new hobbies learned from the partners shoot the videos,presentations,games,etc. and share on twinspace

February :

Celebrate the Safer Internet Day

Awareness on Internet Ethical Rules,Safe Internet usage ( Information Wall ) on eTwinning corner.

March :

Learn and introduce at least two Web 2.0 tools,share on Twinspace for other partners

April :

Take into consideration the partners’ presentations about Web 2.0 tools,make a workshop to create new products

-e-book consisted of types of new hobbies and learned new Web 2.0 tools

May :

Evaluation of the Project

Close the Project

Expected Results :

By raising awareness on smartphone addiction students will be able to evaluate their own style of usage and developtheir own  precautions on their usage. Gaining new hobbies,they will be able to find alternative activities to replace instead of spending long hours with their smartphones.They will discover the plesure of Web 2.0 tools and tend to use them in their academic life.They will have the oppurtunity to follow the innovations in Informatic and Communication Technologies.Students and teachers will become more intercultural.Students will develop problem solving and critical thinking abilities and they will be able to take responsibility hen a task given.