About the project

Our Project’s philosophy is that ‘We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we d

o language. That may be the me

asure of our lives.’ We want to take our students a


ttentıon to the language learning importance.Th


is is important for European and world citizenship as well


.Our students are Z-generation and we should change our teaching style.They are learning different and in the project we aim to teach English in a funny and technologic way.Students will be aware of the process with the


help of using web 2.0 tools.They will folllow their learning process, they will learn English with games and funny activities without realizing, they will acquire En


glish.Our students will gain the 21st century abilities such as using technology, working cooperatively and collaboratively, communication, technology awareness,in


itiative and productivity skills along with learning English.



– To promote working col

laboratively– To love English language
– To ensure that the course is learned differently from traditional studies
-To use new web 2.0 tools
-To develop problem solving and critical thinking abilities
-To improve students self-centered learning-To have fun in the project
-To use technology pr


-To be aware of language learning and importance of learning a language
-To increase motivation to learn English



Preparation-Approvement of project and Finding PartnerSeptember:School Presentations,Selection and adding volunteer sts to Twinspace
October: Project poster preparation,logo selection,word games (word bang,hang-man etc)creating short dialogue inEnglish,kahoot with quiz
November: Fill in the blanks in English songs,english jokes and their meanings, create billboards
December: Short interview video with family members,WatchingEnglish movies at the school,ievaluation test
January: Appy quizzez about the movies and songs that we have done so far
February:Drama creation and and animation in the class (according to level)
March:Compilation of students’ opinions
April:Interview with tourists in a touristic areas, or with their school friends and to makethe interviews into video film,
May:Sts evaluations surveys, writing acrostic poem and doing e-book collaboratively
June:End of the project evaluation webinar or livechat.




– To increase students vocabulary knowledge in English

– To promote student self-esteem with the help of working in gorups
– To develop positive point of view to English lesson
-To have fun while learning English
-To develop students digital competences