‘Our School Magazine With Augmented Reality’’



About the project

We intend to promote our schools and our environment with Augmented Reality (AR) practices, in which we will use technology effectively.Thus, we will create our Augmented Reality magazine by pulling videos about specific topics every month and we will be able to track the events by navigating of the camera of our smart phone or our tablet on the pictures which are in the magazine.
The magazine of our school can be created without page number limit. We are going to shoot a couple of short promotional videos on topics set each month and upload it to our Augmented Reality application. Beside, we will create our magazine with the pictures that we are going to paste of by applying the Augmented Reality application to the sections of our magazine that we have prepared the template. (A3 size)


We aim to increase the ability of our students to be able to follow the technology closely, to have original ideas with the school magazine, to have collaborative learning by participating in the activities, to take the roles of a cameraman and a director and to increase their abilities in computer use.


List of our monthly topics:
April: Introduction of the region where our school is located and general information about our schools
May: A magazine celebrated by us that includes events involving special days of our classes (Math, Science, Information Technology, Religious Culture and Ethics, etc.). A magazine that includes some of the social activities we offer during the year or at the end of the year.


Our aim is to enable our students to gain the concepts of virtual size, to have the opportunity to follow and follow the innovations in information technologies, to share them with cooperative learning, to learn by living with activities and to be able to take responsibility when given a task.